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~Kurt Vonnegut
Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dynamics of Deception

This post delayed because Blogger was buggier than I was!
This is absurd. I know we are all in shock, and for good reason. Intuitively we know what some of what happened. Admitting and proving it are the next steps if we at all value the system.
I honestly don't give a flying fu** if Kerry is elected at this point, after his concession. Admittedly, had I seen his speech I might feel more forgiving.
I do however care deeply that our elections are honest and I feel strongly that the fix was in.
I do find it very difficult to believe even if fraud was involved how the popular vote could be so skewed, therefore, I'm inclined to think Kerry indeed lost the popular vote. We get what we vote for.

Gentle Breezes has dug up some spine chilling connections between Bush, Diebold and the Christian Reconstructionists. Serious stuff with dangers beyond comprehension that we must come to grip with! She also points to Planned Obsolescence. Read. Understand. Motivation, power and money mixed with 'moral values'. It's all there. This is the root of it and unless we understand and expose it we will never have our America back. They are very skilled at getting a message out, but the message of morality is cleverly disguised manipulation.
I'm not at all suggesting that Christians defeated Kerry. It's important to understand the dynamics. There is a difference. It's difficult for anyone who hasn't lived in the South to understand, including Christians. The Rogue Angel has a slightly Southern perspective as a Christian, and is not a Reconstructionist. (I say 'slightly Southern' because I don't consider KY to be truly in the thick of reconstructionism although there are certainly elements there, please remember that along with Christian Reconstructionism there is a huge element of racism and still existing 'political reconstrutionism'. KY only borders on the racism element from what I've experienced)

Was there fraud?

My old friend Estimate Prophet is back online with a few words about this. Stop by and tell him we need him to keep posting!

Exit polls and ‘actual’ results don’t match; Evoting states show greater discrepancy

Not convinced? We'll see what the FOI requests dig up.

Another indication: If you look at the CO numbers, Denver and Boulder are going 70% to Kerry Boulder hadn't been counted yet -- only absentee and early ballots have been counted. Pueblo, Adams and Arapaho split. These are the major population centers. Yet Bush leads 53% to 47%. This means that the smaller less populated counties had to have been going 80% to 90% Bush. Would it not be fairly simple to manipulate the vote in more rural areas where exit polls don't exist?

Kerry-Bush Election Determined By The "Margin of Systemic Vote Fraud"

This photo, an indication of stolen ballots?
Fixed - The Stealing Of Another Election
Pledge of Action to Stop A Stolen Election

Yes the Dems have had problems getting a message to resonate above the drumbeat of the complicit media and a shakeup inside the Democratic party has been long indicated. However, as much as the US says it wants to heal rifts, I don't see it, unless election fraud is fully investigated, HAVA revisited and the Reconstructionists deflowered, defrocked and debilitated! Once the trust is lost, regaining it isn't a matter of wishing it so, or demanding it, as Bush seems to believe. (and we all know where his beliefs have taken us)

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