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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) Bill in Congress

Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)
This post is going to sit right here until I start seeing some action and buzz about it, even if it means I quit blogging altogether, though I'll continue to update this post.

This is the first bill ever submitted regarding IRV.

Called the Majority Vote Act of 2004 (Introduced in House)
2d Session
Submitted Oct 8, 2004

To require States to conduct general elections for Federal office using an instant runoff voting system, to direct the Election Assistance Commission to make grants to States to defray the costs of administering
such systems, and for other purposes.

How does Instant Runoff Voting work?

IRV Flash demo

Potential Problems

Contact your Representative, ask him/her to attract visibility to and possibly co-sponsor the bill. Do all you can to educate people about IRV. Instant Runoff Voting.
To make it easy, go to the 'contact congress' box on my right sidebar, type in your zip, find your representative, select 'compose your own letter', write, and send.
The text of the letter I sent to my Rep. John Dingell was something like this:

I just heard about the bill, HR5293, Majority Vote Act of 2004, sponsered by Mr. Jackson of IL.
The intent: To require States to conduct general elections for Federal office using an instant runoff voting system.
I'm urging you to help with the visibility of this bill and co-sponsor it.
This can be considered a bi-partisan issue and, if passed, would go far toward abiding to representation of the will of the people.

To see the full text of the bill you must go to and do a search for bill HR5293 108 Congress

for more info, see what's happening in my locality and extend it to yours.
Instant runoff voting is the topic of forum

and more:
S.F. takes lead with instant-runoff voting


Proportional representation would further democracy

A Clean Count?

Progressive Vote

I'm collecting links to people who are talking about this issue. It may be a long hiatus folks.
So far, only Bob, who has been working his behind off for IRV, has the only mention I see. Please leave a comment or a trackback if you've mentioned this and contacted your representative.

Bob's Links and Rants
American Samizdat because I posted it
PBA ditto

UPDATE2: a little action:

Gentle Breezes
Ray Garraud not IRV specific, but good references to the electoral college pros & cons
Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey Libertarian candidate Secretary of State Washington with pros and cons in her comments
sunsetchaser links to this WaPo article
Yet Another Analyst
Thoughts from the Oasis amidst the Corn links to Vote Pair
Ryan McReynolds from Texas, where a vote for Kerry won't matter, good arguments
Fire and Knowledge also links to bill HJR 109 abolishing the electoral college
roguecode who points out that John McCain support IRV
Reinventing Democracy and other thoughts about the voting process
Procrastination with more about voting rights
Red Harvest who actually votes with IRV

UPDATE 3 I know it's boring, those little acronyms, that remind you of SUV or sumpin. Ah well, boring is sometimes important to get past that hump called 'broken'.

Very Recent News Articles:

Third parties make some inroads WI buzz
Worn out shoes for IRV written by Stacie/Tom Trescott
Ferndale, MI who is out beatin' the streets!

New voting method on Ferndale ballot
3rd District challengers: new policies needed MD buzz
Ralph Nader: the case for instant runoff voting FL buzz
More Than Bush and Kerry A look at the alternatives
Green Party Candidate David Cobb Answers Your Questions
'Of Grunge and Government': Smells Like Civic Spirit Krist Novoselic memoir turned civics manual great Book review.

Colorless Green Ideas
blame the extended gestation
The Cardinal Collective
onegoodmove though he supports approval voting more, as do I. IRV happened to make it to Congress. Bills have a way of changing with input, as we all know.
scratchings who needs new improved congress people to bug
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