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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Fundamentals of Bush and Religion, Manipulating Minds

First things first.

Thank you Al Gore!

I'm expecting the video to be linked here soon. The C-Span link doesn't seem to work.

Now, on to what has been keeping me occupied today.
I sent this article to a discussion group;

War, religion and national interests

It sparked the following replies which I found quite interesting:

"Regardless of the reasons mentioned so far for the war in Iraq, the step
towards claiming it is a religious war is a bit extreme. That is
someone who is just too damned paranoid trying to make a connection that
isn't there.

I guess the cry of "war for oil" and all the others are too played out,
now there has to be a different cry???

and this:

I've always had trouble with that notion too. If this war was motivated by Bush's relgious interests, why has he aligned himself so tightly with the Israelis? It appears to be more about strategic interests and empire...

and this:

Another Crusade it is not. What is there in Iraq to warrant a religious
Crusade there? If you honestly believe this, then you are confusing his
domestic agenda for his international one.

I think that someone sending you a bunch of hoax mail has finally gotten
you to bite...

In my attempt to demonstrate that this isn't a "different cry", but was there before the war, I gathered the following links from my archives dated February and March of 2003 and before. The warnings were there. I added links to show why some believe Bush is so aligned with Israel. I know it's difficult for some people to understand the passion of an extreme fundamental Christian.

Whether it is they who are being manipulated by Bush, or Bush being manipulated by the quest for their support really doesn't matter. The rhetoric, the changes that have happened in this country that threaten to dismantle our Constitution, and the merging of (Bush's) church and state are highly visible and extremely dangerous. Since I went through the trouble to collect these links, I decided to post them here so I can find them easily next time I feel the urge to argue. I hope others are arguing too. Once people see the manipulation in addition to the lies, perhaps Bush will be toast.

Bush's Messiah Complex Feb 3, 2003

Bush talking more about religion Feb 18, 2003

Gergan Says: Bush May Be Religious Fanatic Feb 25, 2003

Mr. Conventional Wisdom Gergen had described Dubya, with obvious shock and dismay, as a "radical" right-winger who may well be operating under fanatic religious delusions of grandeur.

When U.S. Foreign Policy Meets Biblical Prophecy Feb 20, 2003
excellent and includes supporting links

The "Bush & God" Scam: Don't Buy It March 10, 2003

War out of compassion
How the rest of the World sees Americans:
By attacking Baghdad, US president George W. Bush wants to fulfill a divine order. In the highly religious United States, there has rarely been such a deep connection between national power interests and fundamentalist false piety. Christian fanatics are calling for a crusade against Islam.

The Unannounced Reason Behind American Fundamentalism's Support for the State of Israel written by Christian Reconstructionist July 19, 2000
Gary North

Jewish Conservatives Join Forces With Christian Evangelicals
How seriously do American Christians consider the "end times"? According to Time: 36 percent of Americans believe "the Bible is the word of God and is to be taken literally"; 59 percent believe "the prophecies in the Book of Revelation will come true"; 35 percent "say they are paying closer attention to news events and how they relate to the coming end of the world since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11"; and 36 percent "support Israel...because they believe in biblical prophecies that Jews must control Israel before Christ will come again."

The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

A faith-by-faith guide to where the major religious denominations stand on war with Iraq
Only the Southern Baptist Convention supported the war

The President's Rhetoric Worries Even Some Evangelicals March 17, 2003

I hope you find those links helpful when you argue too.
For a powerful visual demonstration, share this video from Eric Blumrich:

Church and State

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