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~Kurt Vonnegut
Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Ball Busting and the Blue Collar Blues

Blinders, Bibles, and Bush-Buddies Big Bucks

I've been holding onto a few links over the holidays in an attempt to put them together in some coherent form relating to a frequently pondered question I'm still pondering. Why do people become so ingrained in their voting patterns that they continue to hold onto something that directly hurts them personally? Yes, I've read Lakoff's Moral Politics and am still trying to frame my internal questions with care. I also wanted a place to put some excellent articles where I could find them easily, regardless of whether others have run across them numerous times.

Consider the moral/practical dichotomy. I tend to think that the southern blue-collar voter does tend to see an either/or when it comes to moral or practical and when Pat Robertson says God tells me it's Bush in a blowout some of them listen without any further thought. It's easy and they are busy. I wonder if they will reconsider when Pat Robertson Launches the "Vote No on Jesus" Campaign. Is liberal/conservative another false dichotomy? Does Rush and Rove's Phallic Fixation speak to their manhood and encompassing identity? What about economic inequities that will affect their children?
Why is class warfare viewed so grudgingly? It certainly isn't dying as The Death of Horatio Alger illustrates.
When Our experiment in self-governance is under attack will they stand up to the king to preserve their cherished way of life or let it wither for lack of patriotism? Will they be able to see through Bush's Ownership Scam or will it be viewed as a responsibility that the average person has control over even though he begins at a severe disadvantage?
The Real Danger Lies Within Will people begin to see this in time?
Some other blogs discussing questions such as these are:
An Old Soul
Seeing the Forest
You'll notice I'm working on a blogroll of Ann Arbor bloggers if you glance at the right sidebar. I found the Pat Robertson "Vote No on Jesus" link making its way through several of the Ann Arbor blogs. Check 'em out!
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