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~Kurt Vonnegut
Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Letting the Fur Fly

Lisa at RuminateThis found a couple links at Daily Kos yesterday that reek of hypocrisy. I found the same at the Dean Blog yesterday, myself. annatopia has some further words on that particular 'blame game'. In Lisa's words "rabid Dean supporters get all thirty shades of bent out of shape over Dems criticizing one another", yet, ask Anna, they were right in the midst of it!

It seems that at Kos there is a call for Democratic candidates to stop sniping at each other. Lisa suggests LETTING THE FUR FLY. I fully agree with Lisa, NOW is the time to iron out the kinks. This is the time for debate among the candidates, this is the time to get a feel for the Democratic agenda since it's still a floundering work-in-progress. Solidify, bicker, point out faults and defend ideas, because the Republicans will pull out all stops. It's good experience and it will ultimately bring a more unified agenda among the Democrats, as a whole.

Now is also a time for the general population to decide what they want and to help form that agenda. It is no longer a time for placing blame and bickering. If the voters want the sniping to stop, then let them set the example.

I see a tendency to berate a progressive view and work toward the center. I think that is a huge mistake right now. We need to aim high! We need to give progressives like Kucinich a chance to be heard and, perhaps, by a strong showing in early primaries,a more progressive path than we thought possible can be forged. The second link Lisa found at Kos was disturbing. It was a clear blacklisting based on a very sketchy 30 year old article. Someone didn't do their homework before making that call. I'll try to get back later with more about that particular dig.

When you visit RuminateThis take a look at ReHumanize - The Quilt Project . I like the idea! Maybe even I could do a square. Can you?

Not to give up on my repetition theme below, here is Paul Krugman: Matters of Emphasis
Did the news media feel that it was unpatriotic to question the administration's credibility? Some strange things certainly happened. For example, in September Mr. Bush cited an International Atomic Energy Agency report that he said showed that Saddam was only months from having nuclear weapons. "I don't know what more evidence we need," he said. In fact, the report said no such thing -- and for a few hours the lead story on MSNBC's Web site bore the headline "White House: Bush Misstated Report on Iraq." Then the story vanished -- not just from the top of the page, but from the site.

Thanks to this pattern of loud assertions and muted or suppressed retractions, the American public probably believes that we went to war to avert an immediate threat -- just as it believes that Saddam had something to do with Sept. 11.

Now it's true that the war removed an evil tyrant. But a democracy's decisions, right or wrong, are supposed to take place with the informed consent of its citizens. That didn't happen this time. And we are a democracy -- aren't we?

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