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Human beings will be happier - not when they cure cancer or get to Mars or eliminate racial prejudice or flush Lake Erie but when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again. That's my utopia.
~Kurt Vonnegut
Friday, October 18, 2002

A few days ago I wrote about documenting the film/learning-experience based on Pillow from the Moon (quicktime video/T1/DSL/cable) an original song written by Craig and interpreted by three strangers in his film class. I was a little afraid of the outcome not completely knowing where the others were politically, among other concerns. Follow the lyrics, watch it, and see if it works for you. I'm happy, although I do think there should be a female presence. I suppose in a classroom setting, erotic images are frowned upon. Maybe I can talk him into a little further editing.

Today is a music adventure day. A friend of mine, Chris Buhalis, from Ann Arbor, has a new song available on Talkin' Sounds Just Like Joe McCarthy Blues. It should be a standard for every protest on Oct 26th. Lines such as.. "You'd better watch it now little man, we got ears out there, understand?" They don't get much better than this. Woody Guthrie would be grinnin' and Asscroft should be squirmin'. Hmmm..a typo I think I'll ignore You'll be happy you took the time, I assure you.

MarkDilley sent a link to Progressive Secretary A cooperative way to get your voice heard in Washington. Some backround...Jim Harris, founder and sole operator till mid-1999, describes himself as a sixties activist and a Quaker. After treatment for leukemia left him partially disabled, he decided to devote himself to progressive service, his long time calling, by using his computer skills and his knowledge of activism.

Jim is a progressive who believes in the right of citizens in a democracy to speak their minds and to strive for the removal of injustice. He is deeply committed to economic justice, humane treatment of prisoners, preservation of the environment, peace, civil rights, and a sane and just world.

I understand you can join and get sample letters, consider whether it's a passion you share, and, if so, choose to send the letter. They also take proposals for letters. Mark Knew of the Hager debacle and when he was sent a proposed letter objecting to Hager's appointment, forwarded it on to me for others to see. I see this as a worthy cause worth participating in.

Here's a John Perry Barlow piece outlining eloquently;

  1. What Has Happened.

  2. Why This Has Happened.

  3. What We Might Do About It Now

A Message to the Troops: I happen to think many of us agree with: "With all due respect, I want you to know that if you participate in this conflict, you are not serving me, and I don't support you. Speaking for myself, I feel those who participate will be damaging my reputation as an American, and further endangering me and my children by creating hatred that will someday be returned to us."

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