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~Kurt Vonnegut
Sunday, April 09, 2006

Thinking While Linking

I really just want to gather these links here while I think quietly to myself.

Outed CIA officer was working on Iran, intelligence sources say
The revelation that Iran was the focal point of Plame's work raises new questions as to possible other motivating factors in the White House's decision to reveal the identity of a CIA officer working on tracking a WMD supply network to Iran, particularly when the very topic of Iran's possible WMD capability is of such concern to the Administration.

And via The Corpus Callosum, "Operation Tiramisu"
WHY, if this talk about Iran is supposedly all about protecting Israel, as Bush stated the other day, would Bush out an Israeli intelligence operation undoing months of painstaking effort and possibly endangering operatives?? Is it a hobby of his?


Neocon Plan to Wreck the Economy
“White House apparently hoped that by the time anyone found out about the flooding of the market with dollars, they could stage an event, such as an air attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, that would distract the public entirely.”

Iran Maneuvers: Of Missile Tests & "Salami Tactics"

Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb?
The Seymour Hersh article.

With the bone of optimism I still try to chomp on, I was wondering if perhaps the administration was perfectly happy letting the internet disseminate propaganda for them, in effect calling someone's bluff, that was until I listened to this interview with Joseph Cirincione of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, about the rhetoric surrounding Iran, and what it all means.

Too many times lately have I sat with my mouth gaping in disbelief while this administration has done the unthinkable. I can only echo Kathryn Cramer's words right now because my words are stuck somewhere between a lump in my throat and outrage fatigue. "Why don't we just . . . ---- . . . be very very careful".

As I find other links that feed either the lump, the thought, or the outrage I'll add them to this entry.

Belligerent Until the Bitter End
If You Can't Win One War, Start Another

by Paul Craig Roberts
"The classic method of war finance is inflation".
"We are witnessing the American citizen's loss of his voice and the rise of concentrated power. The primacy that the neocons are seeking over the world will prevail over the American people, too".

Stop a U.S. nuclear attack on Iran!

UPDATE 2 added April 10
Early Warning
WAPO William Arkin

"In my mind, the role of journalism is to give the public the tools to decide. This includes an understanding of not just the situation on the ground in Iran, but also an understanding of the intelligence community's understanding. There should be no more slam dunks.

...The public not only needs to know whether the three bears have arrived at a trancelike state, under the allusion that their furniture is perfect, unable to seek any flaws because they've cut off all the outside Goldilocks from giving any input.

In the world of covering national security, particularly up against a singularly-minded and secretive Bush administration, finding out what's really going on in the three bear's house is mighty difficult."
A war with Iran started purposefully or by accident, will be a mess. What is happening now though is not just an administration prudently preparing for the unfortunate against an aggressive and crazed state, it is also aggressive and crazed, driven by groupthink and a closed circle of bears.

The public needs to know first, that this planning includes preemptive plans that the President could approve and implement with 12 hours notice. Congress should take notice of the fact that there is a real war plan -- CONPLAN 8022 -- and it could be implemented tomorrow.

Second, the public needs to know that the train has left the station on bigger war planning, that a ground war -- despite the Post claim yesterday that a land invasion "is not contemplated" -- is also being prepared. It is a real war plan; I've heard CONPLAN 1025.
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