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Human beings will be happier - not when they cure cancer or get to Mars or eliminate racial prejudice or flush Lake Erie but when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again. That's my utopia.
~Kurt Vonnegut
Friday, March 11, 2005

It's Time to Dance

The music is written in the links below...
Morgaine has written a four part article titled "How to Talk to a Christian". There is background information ranging from complicity on the part of the media to an overview of the reptilian, mammalian and neocortex functions of the brain and the mastery of manipulation used in the propaganda we are fed. She also touches on Kohlberg's stages of moral reasoning which is something I plan to write a bit more about in the future because it's related to 'listening to yourself'. I don't necessarily think that all she has written can be entirely attributed to Christianity, or to the radical right wing, but rather to a larger part of the society in the US because of a lack of Critical Thinking Skills that Estimated Prophet covered indepth yesterday.

"Our collective will as a nation is being steered by kneejerk emotions, not critically considered fact. Patriotism and loyalty to the leader and his minions is posited as being a good citizen, a member in good standing of the group. A comfortable follower of the dominant mode of "thought"- which requires no individual thought. Individual autonomy and authority is given up to conform, fit in, be welcomed into the fold. At what cost?"
All individual passion leads to the suppression of all critical judgment with regard to the object of that passion. Beyond that, in the collective passion created by propaganda, critical judgment disappears altogether, for in no way can there ever be collective critical judgment.

Another article I found where Morgaine especially shines is with her Crash course in the Christian Supremacist Movement I have written many entries related to the Dominion Theology Movement, also calling themselves 'New Traditionalists" but Morgaine gathered together a lot of info into one tidy eye-opening reference.

Understanding the underlying thought processes does not equate to productive discourse. Because of my crazy schedule, I was sleeping last evening and missed a discussion I would have loved to have been a part of where they were discussing, in part, the Frank Luntz playbook. I have great intentions but Thursdays are killer days for me and my pillow seems to win.

I do get some sense that people are pulling their heads out of 'wherever they've been' because ludicrous policy is beginning to directly affect them personally.
I have very little faith that the opposition party is going to be effective because they can't seem to get it together. They are too busy pandering, posturing, and pissing away their votes in favor of corporate interests and have forgotten any sense of moral reasoning. Why would people opt to vote for them? Take a good look Debbie Stabenow, and others like you, because the ice underneath you is very thin.

This all comes back to the beginning of the dance and the straw man. If people are ripe for change but lack the critical thinking skills to connect the dots and are doubly confused because propaganda and religion have skewed and warped the dance floor and because the Democrats are ineffective wimps stepping all over themselves, the question remains, who starts the music, what do we play, and how loud does it need to be?
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