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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Eight Fronts of Resistance

from Dave Pollard's How to Save the World

Dave has outlined the following 8 points. Rolling over for 4 more years is not an option unless you believe in the rapture. I like seeing his list as a direct focal point. He has added thoughts to each front on his page. Read his ideas and come back with some of your own. The comments are open and I'll refrain from posting anything else to this blog for a couple days to enable easy discussion.
I have a webpage waiting in the lurks to organize thoughts and actions on Dave points above. You can see the rough layout of the page at Homelandabsurdity. We can turn it into a planning center if there is enough interest.
If the interest goes over like a 'thud' I'll try something else. Rolling over is not an option for me.
UPDATE: It doesn't appear the interest is there at this point in time. Perhaps I'll add links to the categories myself and whomever wishes to use the page as a resouce, or add to it themselves, is most welcome.

1. Political Organization Starting Now: MoveOn, MeetUp and ReachOut

2. Street Demonstrations & Street Theatre: Wearing Opposition on Our Sleeves

3. International Sanctions and Ostracism

4. Unapologetic Alternative Media

5. Court Challenges, Filibusters & Obstructionism

6. Consumer Power

7. Campaign Finance and Electoral Reform

8. Public Discourse

Bob and I have already outlined a few ways to use Consumer Power (front #6) wisely.
I'll recap:

Here is a list of the top 25 Republican donors who produce consumer products.
In a few days I will begin to highlight each of them individually so it will be easy to see what they produce and what brands to avoid buying.

I've suggested breaking the strings to your long distance company and instead, use Working Assets who will donate a percentage of your charges to progressive groups. I've used them for years and it is always very simple for me to tell any other company trying to solicit new service that I am very happy with my current service. It appears they also have a competitive wireless plan though I haven't gone cellular myself.

I've also pointed to the need to get out from under the banking industry and open an account in a local member owned, not-for-profit Credit Union.

Bob has a great list today of 9 simple actions which scores as triple duty; losing debt, reducing emissions, and exercising control over purchases. As a personal note, replacing light bulbs with compact fluorescents has saved me many headaches, from having to replace bulbs so often to seeing quite a large return in savings on my electric bill.

I think Harry has a line on some alternative media and entertainment. He's compiling some links oh! yes, lest I forget the new fashion! I love the purple!

I want to Turn My Back on Bush Anyone else?

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