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~Kurt Vonnegut
Sunday, October 17, 2004

Some Helpful Questions for Democrats Speaking With Republicans

1) For eight years Republicans savaged Bill Clinton for "gutting" the military. When George W. Bush took over he did not raise the force levels of the military by a single soldier. Even after 9-11, he still did not increase the size of the US Military and now claims that the current force levels are adequate for fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and, should it prove necesssary, Korea. Were Republicans lying for eight years, or have they been lying for the last four?

2) FDR went into World War II with an alliance. By the end of the war the alliance had grown. George H.W. Bush entered Gulf War I with an alliance. By the end of that war the alliance had grown. Even Lincoln managed to end the Civil War with more support at home, and stronger alliances abroad. George W. Bush went into his war with an alliance. Within months that alliance had begun to shrink. Please explain how losing support and alienating allies is a sign of strong leadership?

3) George W. Bush inherited the greatest surplus in the history of the United States, and within months turned it into one of the greatest deficits. He accomplished this with a GOP House and a GOP Senate. Explain how this represents good fiscal stewardship?

4) Newt Gingrich and the GOP revolution called for abolishing the Department of Education, and denounced federal control of education. George W. Bush brags about expanding the Department of Education, and of extending federal control of education. Please explain which of these positions is "conservative?"

5) The Roman Catholic church denounces the death penalty, birth control and abortion. Explain why conservative Catholics have a right to flout the church on the first two, but must obey the church's dictates on the third?

6) Lie about fellatio: impeachable offense. Lie about medicare costs, war costs and links between Saddam and Osama: leadership. Explain?

7) Eight years of relentless, vitriolic, hysterical, occasionally obscene attacks on a president's wife: moral. Mention of the well-known sexual orientation of a vice president's daughter: immoral. Explain?

8) The President's men projected that by now we would have fewer than 30,000 troops in Iraq, a nation the size of Texas and surrounded by terrorist states. This is only slightly larger than the number of NYPD, Transit Police and FBI deployed to defend the Republican National Convention. Explain this in one or more of the following terms: lies, fantasies or delusions.

9) President Bush was elected with roughly 49% of the vote. He now has the support of roughly 49% of the American people. Explain how this demonstrates the president's likeability.

10) In every previous war in US history taxes were raised and unemployment fell. Under President Bush taxes were cut and unemployment rose. Meanwhile, US troops lack body armor. Tell me how this represents leadership?

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