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~Kurt Vonnegut
Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It's Not Over When It's Over

Kevin stops traffic on The American Street to ask "Is it just me, or am I seeing signs of Campaign Fatigue throughout blogtopia? ...what will become of the 5,936,237,541 political blogs AFTER the election?"

As much as I'd like to go right back to a more 'art and culture' focused blog, and am decidely weary of the campaign, there will be much left undone regardless of who takes control of the ship. The election is not an end-all. With the best outcome, it will be only a tiny step. In addition to continued vigilance, here are some suggestions:

Bob writes, Corporations Are Criminals. Read it and follow his links. The 'corporation as a person' does far more damage than any one person can fathom. A good focus after the election will be responsible consumerism. As we can see with Sinclair, consumer demand does have a voice. Bob also points to How to Save the World. A daily must-read for collecting, exploring and solidifying ideas.

On your local level there is still going to be much to do and it would be great to have ideas spread through blogtopia so we can all see what's working and what isn't working.
On my local level, helping to get the word out due to email communication problems, I want to pass on the latest happenings at the Green House. I copied, in its entirety, stacie/tom trescott's letter/agenda for November. These will be the last meetings at the current Green House with new, exciting things to come. They are also asking for help getting the word out in Ferndale about the upcoming vote on IRV. If anyone has time during the next two weeks to go to Ferndale and help knock on doors, contact me and I'll pass on the info. Next up -IRV for Ann Arbor.

Indeed, there will be much to do.

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