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Human beings will be happier - not when they cure cancer or get to Mars or eliminate racial prejudice or flush Lake Erie but when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again. That's my utopia.
~Kurt Vonnegut
Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Not Insignificant Nor Disengaged

Here is a jumble of random thoughts that have been running through my head, a little disorderly, but somehow fitting together with a smidget of hope.
Iowa will gather some interest. Shake-ups do that. I'm not sure how to find out exactly how much Kucinich contributed to Edwards second place showing but I'm guessing it was not insignificant. this was a wow! article The voter turnout was exciting. Go Iowa!

I watched some of the entrance poll numbers and found it interesting that although over 60% of the voters were strongly against the Iraq war, they voted for Kerry in surprising numbers. This says to me that people want to put the war behind, it was a losing battle on all fronts. People want to evolve, re-engage themselves and find the best solution for the mess we inflicted. We all know the war was wrong, but no-one wants that thrown in their face. Maybe the info will go in the memory bank for the next time. I can only hope.
We still need to find a way to clean up the presidents mess and we need to do it as outlined by Dennis Kucinich. We need to bring our troops home. We have to give up ambitions for Iraqi oil, no contracts, no privatization, no US control of the Iraqi government. We need to help rebuild Iraq, re-engage with the world community, embrace and support the UN, and provide for the people who lost their lives, the innocent people, and we must provide help for UN peacekeepers. It's the right thing to do.

Progress. I do see it. Dennis has a great voice and it is being heard. His mantra UN In US Out (video) is the best solution. We can see that the UN is not the insignificant entity that some would like us to believe, although we travelled a long unnecessary and devastating road to figure that out. Need I point out Hat in Hand, Bush Seeks U.N. Help ?

Disengagement. I think it's important to continue to point out the Bush Administration's disengagement. Disengagement with the world community, disengagement and misunderstanding of different culture in this country and abroad, disengagment from the problems of the everyday citizen. We need a leader who is engaged, not one who takes more vacation days than any other president in history, not one who is concerned with increasing the wealth for the already wealthy, not one who want to compete with China in a space race to arms.

Now is the time to move forward. Now is the time for Dennis Kucinich to powerfully present his health care plan. Economically and morally, it is the best plan available. The entrance polls last night put health care as the top issue for the voters. We're ready. 18,000 deaths a year is too high a price for the richest nation to pay due to our shoddy health care system. The inefficient costs per ER visit for those without health insurance is inexcusable when a simple preventative care visit might have been enough, but was financially out of reach for the 43 million without coverage.

I'm hyped! I watched the PBS special Citizen King last night. I needed to see that.
While I may not go quite as far as to echo this headline, Kucinich Sounds Like MLK, Dennis Kucinich clearly carries the same non-violent sentiment, has clearly learned from Martin Luther King, and is fearless with his convictions. Yes, there is hope.

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