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~Kurt Vonnegut
Friday, May 02, 2003

Monster Media Mischief

Rhino asks: "Am I the only one who didn't know that the Chairman of the FCC, Michael Powell, is General & Secretary of State Colin Powell's son? "

For him to ask that question, makes me realize that there must be a LOT of people who don't know that fact. I actually just remembered just the other day in one of those 'ah ha' moments. Think of the implications, especially now, as the FCC gears up to further monopolize media outlets through deregulation. State Controlled Media, far worse than we already have!

The FCC is about to act! "The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee is preparing to hold crucial hearings on the proposed FCC deregulation. FCC chair Michael Powell is promising a vote on the new FCC regulations by June 2. The media giants have spent huge amounts to buy support in Congress and have cleansed their news of any critical reporting on the Bush administration." Rhino points to MEDIA CHALLENGE! - An urgent action from Peace Coalitions for April 28-May 5 Here is the absolute essential action: Stop the FCC It's the quickest and easiest mode of action. There is a lot more that needs to be done. Please do something!

Lisa at Ruminate This has more information in her post Make The Media Talk. "The major media outlets have initiated what appears to be a blackout on reporting about their efforts to consolidate US print, broadcast, radio and cable into the hands of a very few and powerful companies." Also see her collaborative blog, We Want the Airwaves!

Today's bulletin Showdown at the FCC in partnership with Alternet, offers much more reading on this subject and presents an opportunity to Join the MoveOn Media Corps, a group of over 29,000 committed Americans working for a fair and balanced media. The action ideas they send you won't generally take longer than 15 minutes, but to be part of the Corps they ask that you commit to taking up to one action per day. The actions could include calling media outlets when they air especially bad coverage, pushing Clear Channel radio to stop censoring anti-war songs, or writing letters to the editor. If you have the time. please consider it.
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