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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Moon Rising behind the Bush

A few oddities floating around in my head lately, foremost of which; What is Bush trying to accomplish? Does he really have a Messiah Complex? Why does it seem that he and his policies are influenced so by Sun Myung Moon?
I am reminded of a movie I saw in the mid -late 70's, Late Great Planet Earth A Hal Lindsey/Orson Welles psuedo-science documentary from a fundamentalistic view of the book of Revelations. I think I can recall imagery of Bush (poppy) and Moon in the film. It was a popular film in Texas where I happened to live at the time. Did Bush see this movie and decide he had a role to fulfill, or is he just simply a power-hungry-money-grabbing Texas oilman's son, his father's puppet?

I find the social engineering skills being implemented fascinating. The face of our culture has changed with amazing zest, due in no small part to tactics like these..
An audio file describing speech tactics: click on this link to listen: George W Bush and 1984: You decide. The tactics described in the file resemble closely the contents of the Mind Control Tool Box.

Calling your attention to: Report Of The Subcommittee On International Organizations October 31, 1978 Investigation Of Korean-American Relations "To achieve his theocracy, Moon has mapped out strategies for gaining control and influence over economic, political, cultural, academic, media, and religious institutions. The efforts of the Moon Organization are to be concentrated on key nations."
some of the more outrageous comments include:
---Unification Church members are to regard Korea with great reverence and look forward to the day when the Korean language will be spoken throughout the world.
---Members are to maintain a view to establishing a "unified civilization" of the whole world, to be centered in Korea and "corresponding to that of the Roman Empire."
---God was helping Moon to set up a final battle involving the United States, Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan.
---Moon's plans are to manipulate seven nations at least, to get hold of the whole world: the United States, England, France, Germany, Russia, and maybe Korea and Japan. "On God's side, Korea, Japan, America, England, France, Germany, and Italy, are the nations I count on in order to gain the whole world," Moon stated.
This leads to the question: George W. Bush In Rev. Moon's Pocket?
Here is a list of Moon/Unification Church front organizations and
a more recent, well researched article entitled Why is TV news ignoring the relationship between Moon and the Bush family?
These questions beg answers. The Moon organization controls more media than we are aware of. World domination is their goal.
I will post something of my brief experience with the moonies at a later date. Meanwhile Zed has recently started a blog; Moonie World. In it he quotes from Moon : "If you misuse your love organ, you destroy your life, your nation, your world." He added that most divorces can be blamed on women who don’t understand that their love organs belong to their husbands, not themselves."
Whew..gotta say, I was only 15 when I was involved with the moonies.
If you want to go straight to Moon's archived talks you can find them here : Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Sermons, and Talks
thanks to mw for motivating me and pointing to links.

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